Wednesday, December 07, 2005

US/China relations

I don't know how you can spend weeks in a country trying to work on relations, and come out with them being worse. I thought for sure I would find great new cards for the relations DA saying that since Bush came back from China, relations are at an all time high.

Apparently that is not the case. Is it 2008 yet because I'm getting really really sick of US politics as of late. Insert heavy sigh here.

"In fact, Sino-Japanese relations are at perhaps
their lowest level since the countries re-established formal diplomatic
relations in 1972. A key reason for this state of affairs is the Japanese
cabinet's strong support for Taiwan, a Japanese colony until the end of World
War II. Bush's trumpeting, while in Japan, Taiwan's democratic evolution and
thriving economy could hardly have gone over well with the Beijing leadership,
although he did reconfirm America's "one China" policy."

Well at least there is a little positive in this:

"Nevertheless, the two-year Japanese ban against
importing U.S. beef was not rescinded, despite Bush's efforts."

As if US wasn't slaughtering enouph, lets add other countries to the supply we have to meet.

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