Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Naked Juice is... safe

While wandering Tops the other day, I found some ridiculously overpriced, but otherwise completely tasty looking bottles of juice proudly declaring themselves free from extra sugar and otherwise unnatural-ness. They only have about five ingredients per bottle, and the only shaddy-ness was the dreaded natural flavors; so I sent them my concerned polite e-mail inquiring whether natural was just fancy talk for animal.

They replied with unusual speed and interest in my question, but I think the funny part is instead of just saying, ''nope, no animal proteins in anything ('cept predictably enough the Protein Zone one)''--they told me it was safe. Aww--safe. I feel like someone has hugged me. I suppose I can even get over the temporary weird feeling of consuming something named Naked Juice for this.