Monday, March 26, 2007

Oh, Oklahoma (insert heavy sigh with a hug and cup of vegan cocoa)

I'm probably in poor shape to be attempting to write coherently, but as it was a huge triumph just to make it to Oklahoma because of both personal (i.e; work, school, and generally trying to organize what I'm going to do with my life) and bureaucratic (as in SUNY Buffalo is really not much of a fan of supporting student's interest outside of sports and video game clubs) issues, I simply cannot wait to gush a bit.

In a way it was supper sad because I knew it was my last tournament; my last chance to debate, smile at winning, laugh at dumb cross x questions, feel irrationally (and the occasionally justified)anger at judges when the outcome didn't pop up as expected, and spend countless time waiting for paired rounds while trying to re-hash the entire round with anyone in the vicinity who will listen. It was in all it's entirety a priceless experience though, and somehow worth every single hour of extra shifts, work, and time spent leading into it. I literally couldn't have asked for a better partner to share it with (both as an excellent debater, but also just a phenomenal person), or more enthusiastic for our cause coach (I love you Katie!), or better people in general to be around in every single one of the Rochester folk.

It's also additionally sad because the one thing that Yasin, Shannon, and I originally sat down and set as a goal when we really tried to think about all the things we wanted from the club, never really happened because next year will leave Buffalo without a debate team again as Ben gets to be with a "real" debate team, and I will be off gallivanting in Burlington, and Jeff will

Even in light of all that, and also the day and a half bus ride there (and then correspondingly, back) that has to be considered; it was without enough sufficient words to describe it. The seven rounds leading into the eighth one, held some of the best and most entertaining debates I have ever been a part of. I also picked up a laptop and was literally in awe of how easy my flow could be organized with a few clicks. My last round of my "career", I guess, as a debater I got to go into with a 4-3 record with the entirely tangible possibility of breaking at nationals (especially after the 1AR ), and that's really all I could have ever asked for.

I genuinely heart policy debate forever.