Monday, February 20, 2006

The Honesty Box

Monday's Music of the Moment::: The Honesty Box

In an unusual turn of circumstances, I like the instrumental songs almost as much as the ones with lyrics for this band. My favorite has got to be Cloudburt Forever and I've been doing my homework to it for the last few hours. The lyric construction is simple enough to get caught in your head for hours, and has quickly become one of my top five webpages, as I get to make playlists and hear songs for no money whatsoever. The only down side is they have about two songs for every band. Well, beggars can't be choosers...

Point of no return

You pushed to hard, I’m about to break
There’s only so much I can take
There was a time, I’d let it go
Because the highs outweighed the lows

But now it seems, those days are gone
Tell me where did we go wrong?
You will take, no blame at all
Right always comes before a fall

I can’t go on
There’s nothing left
I cannot take another step
You’re on your own
You’ve got to learn
That there’s a point
of no return

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I heart Binghamton

Buffalo debate has always had some crazy times at Binghamton, and even though I was literally the only one from our team representing; it was still amazing. I got to judge for my first time ever, which proved very enjoyable. I hadn't even realized how much fun this could be-- and I got money for it! The best of both worlds. I even got to be on the panel for the final novice debate, which was quite intense. I also didn't realize Bard took their clothes off, which made that another first for me. Nobody yelled at me afterwards about any of my decisions, and I even got this crazy "judging award", so hopefully that's a good sign.

Better still, I had about four rounds off or so, and so have a good number of varsity debates flowed and ready to be looked at to make blocks. I have definitely been slacking on the debate, and focusing on the school part this week, but I figure I have some time over the weekend to muddle together some random cards. Everyone is running topicality is biopolitical. I tried finding stuff on it, but so far, I've hit a cement wall. I'm thinking I could just type up a bunch of analyticals about it anyways. As long as I convince Jeff, or my imaginary partner, to stick to one good one per round, I don't really see it being much of an issue.

The food situation was crazy there as well. The first day everything was vegan, and they even tossed in a dinner of pitas and falafel. There were also these chocolate bars with nuts that I ended up eating three of. Absolutely delicious.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bush denies genocide in Sudan

It really shouldn't surprise me any more; but I can't help it.

As violence still displaces Daruris, US decides genocide no longer exist, Eric Reeves ; Feb 4, 2006

I literally had to read this article twice in order to fully comprehend. Bush is seriously trying to deny that a genocide is happening in Sudan? They already admitted one was happening.

I am however, happy the first article I found talking about it was by Eric Reeves, who definitely rocks and made this unbelievable statement sit a little better with me. He details how horrendous this denial is and has quality lines like:::

"No amount of expediency on the part of the Bush administration can diminish these realities, or their clear delineation by the language of the Genocide Convention."

Where will that leave Sudan now? Effectually nothing was being done in the status quo, when the US was recognizing that the situation was a genocide. How long is this really going to continue before substantial action is taken?

Monday, February 06, 2006


Monday's music of the moment:::

I've been hopelessly addicted to OneWordSolution as of late. Even though they are far more liberal then what I'm used to listening to (yea okay, this from the girl who can sing a good number of quality David Rovic songs verbatim), I still am finding it more amusing then I probably should. It has a fairly decent beat, although I think it would be ten times more effective if they would slow down on the lyrics. Either way, it definitely goes into the pile of CDs I would by if I had money.

In the distribution of the wealth there's no equality
With a fair share seeming to be a fantasy
Still everybody's looking for the diamond ring
While the fruits of out labor go to feed the king
Everybody's ready for a break in the rain
And everybody's tired from the weight of the chain
It only takes one spark to ignite the flame
For the voice of the people is the power of change.