Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bush denies genocide in Sudan

It really shouldn't surprise me any more; but I can't help it.

As violence still displaces Daruris, US decides genocide no longer exist, Eric Reeves ; Feb 4, 2006

I literally had to read this article twice in order to fully comprehend. Bush is seriously trying to deny that a genocide is happening in Sudan? They already admitted one was happening.

I am however, happy the first article I found talking about it was by Eric Reeves, who definitely rocks and made this unbelievable statement sit a little better with me. He details how horrendous this denial is and has quality lines like:::

"No amount of expediency on the part of the Bush administration can diminish these realities, or their clear delineation by the language of the Genocide Convention."

Where will that leave Sudan now? Effectually nothing was being done in the status quo, when the US was recognizing that the situation was a genocide. How long is this really going to continue before substantial action is taken?

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Nabeel said...

the current govt seems to deny anything and everything