Saturday, April 30, 2011

Restaurant review: Flavors of Asia

So this will be the post where I'm going to completely ignore that I haven't blogged in 'x' amount of time. I've been wanting to get back to it for awhile, then get put off by the fact I haven't in so long.

To start again I'll start out with a restaurant review because I've been going out to eat more (when before I would go over months without it). Now I seem to be around more people who love this activity (going out to eat), and don't mind checking out vegan friendly places. Even though I still seem to be stuck in Buffalo, this reviews about Flavors of Asia which is located in Rochester NY.

Initially I was concerned about their ambiguous menu which didn't mention which dishes had dairy or egg product specifically; just a shady 'vegetarian' section that listed clearly a few oyster dishes under it. Not a good start. A few people in my party told me that they've been here before, and all you have to do is make it clear to the server the items you can't have, and they would direct you to dishes that would work.

That theory was proved correct. I'm used to servers looking exasperated at the list of items I won't consume, but just smiled and nodded his head then brought up the word 'vegan' before I had to. I was assured the pad thai (my #1 choice) was vegan, and so went ahead and ordered it, and the table ordered some steamed edamame as well as an appetizer.

The edamame came with some green tea and both were magnificent. Most of the folks with me had never tried it, but 3 out of 4 of them found a new food they liked. With all of us eating them, there still was about half a bowl left over. Which gives you a little glimpse into how the main meal went, portion wise.

Although it was slightly under seasoned for my taste, it was delicious. The vegetables and rice noodles were cooked perfectly. This (apologetically bad) photo here was taken from my phone after I finished eating it. All in all, there ended up being enough for 5 meals in the one thing I ordered (though the last meal I made a little spinach salad with it). That isn't even including the two huge bowls of white rice that they also gave us, that nobody ended up touching, and didn't bother to bring home.

It was almost good enough for me to wish I was in Rochester more often! Almost.