Monday, May 02, 2011

Music to my ears

Stephcraig on etsy was kind enough to add one of my favorite pair of earrings (which are also currently on sale!) to her lovely treasury Music to my ears. If you like it, please take the time to check it out; and maybe comment! I'm honored to be included in such a classy assortement of items.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Restaurant review: Flavors of Asia

So this will be the post where I'm going to completely ignore that I haven't blogged in 'x' amount of time. I've been wanting to get back to it for awhile, then get put off by the fact I haven't in so long.

To start again I'll start out with a restaurant review because I've been going out to eat more (when before I would go over months without it). Now I seem to be around more people who love this activity (going out to eat), and don't mind checking out vegan friendly places. Even though I still seem to be stuck in Buffalo, this reviews about Flavors of Asia which is located in Rochester NY.

Initially I was concerned about their ambiguous menu which didn't mention which dishes had dairy or egg product specifically; just a shady 'vegetarian' section that listed clearly a few oyster dishes under it. Not a good start. A few people in my party told me that they've been here before, and all you have to do is make it clear to the server the items you can't have, and they would direct you to dishes that would work.

That theory was proved correct. I'm used to servers looking exasperated at the list of items I won't consume, but just smiled and nodded his head then brought up the word 'vegan' before I had to. I was assured the pad thai (my #1 choice) was vegan, and so went ahead and ordered it, and the table ordered some steamed edamame as well as an appetizer.

The edamame came with some green tea and both were magnificent. Most of the folks with me had never tried it, but 3 out of 4 of them found a new food they liked. With all of us eating them, there still was about half a bowl left over. Which gives you a little glimpse into how the main meal went, portion wise.

Although it was slightly under seasoned for my taste, it was delicious. The vegetables and rice noodles were cooked perfectly. This (apologetically bad) photo here was taken from my phone after I finished eating it. All in all, there ended up being enough for 5 meals in the one thing I ordered (though the last meal I made a little spinach salad with it). That isn't even including the two huge bowls of white rice that they also gave us, that nobody ended up touching, and didn't bother to bring home.

It was almost good enough for me to wish I was in Rochester more often! Almost.

Monday, July 20, 2009

More free stuff for you to try and win!

Vegancraftastic is having a give-away for a free copy of The Vegan Scoop by Wheeler del Torro. All you have to do is leave a comment here saying your favorite ice cream flavor! Yum!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Veganetsy give away!

The fifth Veganetsy team give away has started! All you need to do is head over here and follow the directions! This time it's all about food! Hurry you only have until July 23rd!

The winner gets a great prize bag filled with many great Veganetsy team member's goods, including some of my own!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day Sale!

I'm having a bit of an sale on April 22nd!

Everything in my shop is buy 2, get one free (equal or lesser value). You can mix and match bracelets, keychains, bookmarks - anything! Even applies to everything in the sale section discounted 50% or more! Sale starts at midnight, and goes until the 12:01 on the 23rd. I can refund the difference via paypal, or you can just convo me before hand and I'll make a revised listing for you!

Also, there is always free shipping on orders of $25 and over (after discount and before shipping)! The shipping will be refunded to you after your order is complete, or you can convo me the order, and I'll make a seperate listing for you.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sample me this

It was like the ultimate countdown for me until the famous vegan sample boxes went on sale. (The only thing that made the wait speed up a bit was taxes being due then also). I was more excited to buy one of these then I am for my birthday. So it is almost unimaginable that this thing could top my expectations.

But it did.

Even the post person realized this box was of great importance, because he rung my bell and made sure it got into my hands; telling me it looked special. Like he could feel the awesome vibes omitting from it.

Like a five year old I ran back inside clutching my box and tore it open without preamble. I was to blinded by my excitement that I didn't even get a picture to put up for everyone. All the hunks of soap and bath soaks released their delicious aromas the second it was opened. I took out a gorgeous hand painted and sewn bag by
Holistically Heather and couldn't decide what to look at first! So many awesome creative artists exceeded my expectations that it is almost impossible to pick a favorite. There was magnets, cloth pads, washcloths, temporary 'vegan' tattoos, jewelry, bath teas, wrist bands, soap and LOTS of coupons. I can get dozens of discounts on so much more craft goodies in the weeks to come. Also in a twist of fate, one of my rings that I had sent into for this, that I had missed and ran out of the same beads for; came back to me!

Plus a portion of proceeds go to charity, so all this AND I'm helping others. Get one while they are still there!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The second Veganetsy giveaway!

The second Veganetsy team giveaway is under way right now!

This time around you pick one item using the 'veganetsy team' search word to find an item starring an animal commonly associated as a food. You can click here to find all the details and enter; all you need is a blogger account.

The prize is a sample pack of veganetsy goods which includes many awesome crafters.