Monday, April 20, 2009

Sample me this

It was like the ultimate countdown for me until the famous vegan sample boxes went on sale. (The only thing that made the wait speed up a bit was taxes being due then also). I was more excited to buy one of these then I am for my birthday. So it is almost unimaginable that this thing could top my expectations.

But it did.

Even the post person realized this box was of great importance, because he rung my bell and made sure it got into my hands; telling me it looked special. Like he could feel the awesome vibes omitting from it.

Like a five year old I ran back inside clutching my box and tore it open without preamble. I was to blinded by my excitement that I didn't even get a picture to put up for everyone. All the hunks of soap and bath soaks released their delicious aromas the second it was opened. I took out a gorgeous hand painted and sewn bag by
Holistically Heather and couldn't decide what to look at first! So many awesome creative artists exceeded my expectations that it is almost impossible to pick a favorite. There was magnets, cloth pads, washcloths, temporary 'vegan' tattoos, jewelry, bath teas, wrist bands, soap and LOTS of coupons. I can get dozens of discounts on so much more craft goodies in the weeks to come. Also in a twist of fate, one of my rings that I had sent into for this, that I had missed and ran out of the same beads for; came back to me!

Plus a portion of proceeds go to charity, so all this AND I'm helping others. Get one while they are still there!

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