Monday, December 08, 2008

The Fallout

Monday's music of the moment: The Fallout

The newest addition to my iPod would have to be a few of this bands songs, particularly from their second album, Dismantlement.

It's pretty straight forward punk; maybe a mix between a slower, less revved up Good Clean Fun and some sloppy Green Day chords, but their lyrics are smart and it's pretty entertaining to listen to. My favorite songs are probably 'Riot Boys' and 'Bread and Freedom'. You can hear some of their stuff here, if you want a bigger listen than what iTunes lets you hear before you buy.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

This is me pimping capitalism again (sort of)

Hopefully there are enough procrastinators around that this post is still somewhat relevant.

As many of the folks I know are likely to buy some sort of holiday card set anyways, I don't feel like directing people to essentially buy from a "better" place is totally out of line. I usually just make my own holiday themed cards around this time of year, but realized quickly my list was going to be too long for that sort of endeavor - so I found a compromise. I give money anyways to a few different environmental organizations, Peaceful Prairie (, ect; so I thought I would try to multi-task a bit better.

One of the websites I was at was featuring holiday-ish cards you could buy, with 10% of the profits going directly to charity. Well, honestly those cards were poor, and costly (10 for $15!!!) and I thought for that price it should be a bit more then 10, as I continued to think about it. But a quick goodsearch ( for those folks who haven't switched over yet!! It's exactly like searching yahoo! ) latter I had stumbled on which I really ended up liking. They organize everything by category, and have a quick key that shows you how much of the proceeds go directly to charity. I ended up with two different designs from ; and 50 cards for $30, a much better ratio!

^My favorite of the ones I got. Who can resist dolphins? Plus I can sneak in with winter greetings my favorite Finding Nemo quote, "fish are friends- not food". Too bad they didn't have any shark ones. Now I just have to remember to mail them out.

So for anyone who hasn't invested yet in holiday cards, try this out; or just save it for next year.