Thursday, December 04, 2008

This is me pimping capitalism again (sort of)

Hopefully there are enough procrastinators around that this post is still somewhat relevant.

As many of the folks I know are likely to buy some sort of holiday card set anyways, I don't feel like directing people to essentially buy from a "better" place is totally out of line. I usually just make my own holiday themed cards around this time of year, but realized quickly my list was going to be too long for that sort of endeavor - so I found a compromise. I give money anyways to a few different environmental organizations, Peaceful Prairie (, ect; so I thought I would try to multi-task a bit better.

One of the websites I was at was featuring holiday-ish cards you could buy, with 10% of the profits going directly to charity. Well, honestly those cards were poor, and costly (10 for $15!!!) and I thought for that price it should be a bit more then 10, as I continued to think about it. But a quick goodsearch ( for those folks who haven't switched over yet!! It's exactly like searching yahoo! ) latter I had stumbled on which I really ended up liking. They organize everything by category, and have a quick key that shows you how much of the proceeds go directly to charity. I ended up with two different designs from ; and 50 cards for $30, a much better ratio!

^My favorite of the ones I got. Who can resist dolphins? Plus I can sneak in with winter greetings my favorite Finding Nemo quote, "fish are friends- not food". Too bad they didn't have any shark ones. Now I just have to remember to mail them out.

So for anyone who hasn't invested yet in holiday cards, try this out; or just save it for next year.

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