Monday, November 26, 2007

If at first something fails catastrophically--throw more money at it

Just in case anyone needed another reason to hate zoos:

Three polar bears have already died due to Buffalo zoo's neglect. This makes me sick to my stomach that the only folks who have voiced any real concern is PETA. Insert gagging noise here. They make a point to say that this is the first time in five years that they have asked that a zoo be shut down. I should be giving credit for their incompetence now? (But hey, look at how many womyn they've managed to objectify in that time!!)

The Buffalo News had a front page story on it the other day with various people defending the zoo (because the previous article detailing all of the zoo's neglect wasn't received well?), and reasoning that; hey this just means we should be giving them more money! I guess now the continued funding of the Iraq war makes perfect sense.

My slow fingers can't find the link right now, but pretty much the only effort being made is to (a) close down the zoo entirely, or (b) simply move the one remaining polar bear to another, "better" place. Which is oh so eerily reminiscent of the helpfulness of closing down Abu Graib, IE one place of torture, and simply rendering everything to another location.

I especially love how this article makes a point to say:

Fields said the zoo does not report every death to the media because animal
deaths are regular occurrences at a zoo.

Which is perfectly true. Other beings dieing for the sake of humyn entertainment does happen all the time. Every day. Nothing to see here folks, just walk away and return to your lives.