Thursday, February 16, 2006

I heart Binghamton

Buffalo debate has always had some crazy times at Binghamton, and even though I was literally the only one from our team representing; it was still amazing. I got to judge for my first time ever, which proved very enjoyable. I hadn't even realized how much fun this could be-- and I got money for it! The best of both worlds. I even got to be on the panel for the final novice debate, which was quite intense. I also didn't realize Bard took their clothes off, which made that another first for me. Nobody yelled at me afterwards about any of my decisions, and I even got this crazy "judging award", so hopefully that's a good sign.

Better still, I had about four rounds off or so, and so have a good number of varsity debates flowed and ready to be looked at to make blocks. I have definitely been slacking on the debate, and focusing on the school part this week, but I figure I have some time over the weekend to muddle together some random cards. Everyone is running topicality is biopolitical. I tried finding stuff on it, but so far, I've hit a cement wall. I'm thinking I could just type up a bunch of analyticals about it anyways. As long as I convince Jeff, or my imaginary partner, to stick to one good one per round, I don't really see it being much of an issue.

The food situation was crazy there as well. The first day everything was vegan, and they even tossed in a dinner of pitas and falafel. There were also these chocolate bars with nuts that I ended up eating three of. Absolutely delicious.

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