Thursday, December 08, 2005

I miss Gelspan

All the talk about hurricanes and global warming has made me significantly miss last year’s topic. Maybe I’ll find a way to run the ice age disad like army pulled on us just for old times. Or better yet, I wonder if we could just run last years affirmative, and just insist it was 2004/5. It's not like they are going to have any evidence saying otherwise...

Arctic Natives Seek Global Warming Ruling

I still am in a mild state of shock that US policy hasn’t acknowledging global warming yet. It’s ridiculous that we are one of the two countries that hasn’t signed the Kyoto Protocol, and not because of some half way legitimate reason, but because of the economy. I would even feel better if it was because they didn’t believe it was happening, or would have big impacts, or basically any other reason. But limiting emissions by 2012, over the course of six years, is not going to have that significant of an effect. With all the recent environmental activity and such you would think Bush would at least attempt to address the problem.

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