Monday, December 05, 2005

Ohio debate

So, I was all excited about going to John Carroll this weekend. I had a partner that didn’t hate me (score!!) and who would be marginally cooperative. I even did speed drills, which, I mean…. I don’t do. But they proved fairly productive, and now I think I will do them. I made this super e-spec block too, which took me two hours, but there you have it. I got to use it even in one round, which unfortunately, I think was the highlight.

Everything was going great until 12:30 the morning we are leaving when my partner decides to disclose that he’s still in NYC. THANKS YASIN.

But, whatever. I dealt with it. I was marginally terrified about going maverick in varsity, but you have to do, what you have to do. And Buffalo needs to represent.

I gained a Case West partner mid trip, which also ended up meaning we could go JV. You would think this would increase our chances of winning, but then again, funny things can happen. Like losing every round you debate in and only getting a lucky little BYE.

I wouldn’t even be as frustrated, if I knew went wrong in half of the debates. I went to get practice after hearing about Yasin. But we lost on things that weren’t even on my flow as arguments, which I still don’t understand how that is possible. I need to make a threat kon summary that just has threat kon does not equal threat kon, and read it regardless to whether they even answer the K. How you can win on an argument where all you say is that you aren’t making these things up, for 20 seconds, I will never understand.

I feel reasonably bad though because I think we could have really won the second to last round, I just spent to long on their four f***ing T violations. I knew they weren’t even going to go for them, and I knew I should somehow be making a summary where I addressed all the T’s on one flow, but I failed miserably. As it was I spent 5 minutes of prep, trying to put blocks to them and then make up some Boeing DA answers, which, by the way, is my new least favorite disad. My partner loved it, he’s a type of engineering major that is apparently applicable to the argument. It did not, however, produce any answers to this argument. Just an add on that we won, I guess, but the impact was less then what the neg had. .

Live and learn though right?? Who knows. All I know is I should really get back to studying for my politics of gender finale.

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