Monday, February 09, 2009

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

Monday's music of the moment: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

Currently I seem to be lost in the punk/alternative style of them. They guitar is awesome, and the lyrics are politically charged perfect lines that could double as poetry. This is one of the few cases where some of the older stuff is just as good as the new. I haven't heard a song I didn't like yet, which is also rare.

Also, if you are into buying it; while I'm usually a big fan of the instant iTunes set-up, if you purchase it from the
Touch and Go Records website they donate a portion of the profits to Food not Bombs and Democracy Now!.

The Angel's Share:

Down again-it seems a losing fight
Yet, down again, I sit, to try to write
An open letter to a President
Or melodies to help a girl pay rent
(We saved and saved, only to find them spent).

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