Monday, April 16, 2007

TV Smith

Monday's Music of the Moment::: TV Smith

I like music that tells me stuff; I'll be the first to admit that. Particularly stuff that I think and believe I have already cleverly figured out, and more specifically stuff that falls into the anti big government category or anything at all related to the AR movement. The louder, crazier, more confusing, the better really. Because soft, "clouds, love, and butterflies" music as I call it, with perfect lyrics and some pretty person singing it to you can literally be found everywhere, and so no longer interests me. So it almost seems silly to me that I haven't previously run into this band before.

I'll put lyric tid-bits from two of my favorite songs to make up for it.

Sugar Crash:

They spoon it on because they've worked out that
If life tastes sweet, we don't fight back
Sugar crash

Only one Flavor:

This is how it starts up
A slap and a cry
The slaps keep coming
For the rest of your life
And you don't know who to question
And you don't know how to fight
You just hope that by the end
It turns out alright

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