Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A campaign I can believe in

I get side tracked whenever I do debate work. Seriously sidetracked. An impossibly smart freshman turned up to cut cards with me today (which I won't, won't, won't keep calling him the New Kid), and I ended up not actually using the computer I was in front of, but talking to him about the topic, and all sorts of debate-ish things--but not actually work, at all. So I still haven't even decided which case I would really like to do, but shockingly just thinking pessimistically about reasons it should stay the same. Go neg.

My class was only thirty minutes, because apparently our teacher is the chief of staff for Marc Coppola, and has readily admitted to us that keeping his job after September 12th is more important then class. Mark one up for honesty, at least. This meant I could go to the library and restart my task of researching and working for debate. So in one of my articles, that was trying to talk about abortion, it mentioned off handedly the Unity08 party. Which I remembered hearing about again only in passing, and decided this was a worthy side track to wander to.

I'm oddly into and for it. While I was (am?) reasonably satisfied with being a democrat, maybe especially so as I was for once in a type of situation where I am not in an abnormally large minority; I really like Unity's stance on politics in general, and on more issues then I ever found in the dem camp. I think it will give me a much more optimistic point of view over the whole procedure, instead of negatively just always thinking that government is corrupt and it does a lot of shady shit, and that it is always going to be that way. Perhaps too optimistic, but I think it will work out. I wish they would bump gun control and gay rights up a little bit in terms of what they view as priorities, but I also think a lot of issues are important.

So, to sum everything up for everybody I guess; don't be surprised if you get an email demanding you sign up for the campaign. Hey, I got a free bumper sticker for it.

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